Slots Strategy

As with most casino games, slots are a game of chance; the monetary outcome depends upon the random spin of the reels. But for slots players there is also good news; modern slot machines have advanced a great deal and now offer interactive elements in the form of bonus rounds and games that offer players more control over their game. This means that players can use their own skills to increase their chances of winning cash and bonuses – but to do this successfully you need to follow some slots strategy basics.

Manage your money

This slot strategy applies to all casino games; after all, if you don’t look after your bankroll, no one else will! The best way to manage your money when you’re playing slots is to firstly decide how much you can afford to spend; then work out how to get that amount to work best for you. Aim to play at low stakes so you can have more spins of the reels; with games of chance, the more you play, the bigger the likelihood of winning. If you play with high stakes in the hope of hitting a bigger payout, you may end up running out of funds before you even hit a winning combination.

Know the rules

Now this may sound obvious but because slots are simple to play and all run on the same basic concept, many people decide to switch from machine to machine without considering the differences that they may encounter. Firstly there are different types of slot, including; classic, multi-line, video, and progressive. Each of these have their own special features which make them stand out from their counterparts, and, as a result, require a slightly different approach. For instance, when you play on a progressive slot, you are only eligible for the progressive jackpot if you Bet Max. In addition, all slots offer bonus rounds or interactive extra features which can boost your bankroll and playing time with benefits such as free spins, extra money and multipliers. If you are aware of what to expect, you can maximise these potential extras and enhance your game with simple adjustments to your game. All good online casinos provide a rules section which will detail how the slot and its bonus rounds work; read these carefully before you play. If you’re not sure after reading, use the play money option to try out the software first. Knowing your slot machine is good slot strategy; it’ll prevent you from being caught out by basic mistakes and gives you a confident edge.

Avoid distractions

Again, this is an important and often overlooked basic slots strategy rule. Distractions take your eye off the game; television, alcohol, listening to your favourite sports game, even chatting with friends while playing. All of these have the potential to disrupt your game and make you lose concentration. This isn’t life threatening but it could make you mess up on a bonus round or miss a payout or even leave you spending more than you expected. Make sure you are fully alert and the conditions are right when you’re playing slots; especially if you are playing online.

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