Roulette Strategy - the basics

As a game with multiple betting options available, it is advisable that all players, from complete beginner to the most experienced casino lover, keep basic roulette strategy guidelines in mind to maximize their enjoyment of the game, as well as their potential winnings. With any casino game, the house has the edge; but you can employ basic roulette strategy to help shave the house edge and improve your own. Although no wins can be guaranteed, understanding some simple rules and ideas can help improve your chances of turning a profit; a bonus for any roulette player.

The bets that you can place range from a single number which will pay good odds if the ball lands in the corresponding pocket on the wheel, to bets that select a small range of pockets based on their proximity on the board, such as column bets and corner bets. These bets pay less because the payout is based upon the probability of the bet being won; the wider the scope for the bet, the more likely the player is to win and therefore, the less the casino pays out. But basic roulette strategy can help you to decide which bet to place and, in the long run, gain better returns.

#1 Wheels and Betting

The type of wheel that you choose affects your chances of beating the casino. The European roulette wheel has a single green zero pocket but the American version roulette wheel has an additional green double zero pocket; this means there are more outcomes available and so your chances of winning are reduced.

#2 Money Management

On every roulette table, there are minimum and maximum bet amounts enforced. Knowing these will help you to select the table that is right for your bankroll. Successful roulette strategy requires you to take into consideration how much you can spend and then select the table that allows you to maximize your time playing by adjusting your bet amounts accordingly. In addition, your time at the tables should run in conjunction with the amount of cash that you can afford to spend. Set a limit and leave when that limit is reached; that’s the soundest piece of roulette strategy you can follow.

#3 Avoid crazy roulette strategy

Over the years, there have been several desperate attempts to devise a mathematical roulette strategy which guarantees increased winnings. However, due to the high element of chance and the standard laws of probability, these various roulette strategies have proved futile and should be avoided at all costs. One of the most discusses and followed is the Martingale roulette strategy. This is based upon the principle that every time you lose, you double your bet so that eventually, you will make a profit and recuperate all losses. But consider this; what do you do if you don’t win at all before your bankroll runs out? This is a very negative style of play and will eventually lead to a depleted bankroll. It makes much more sense to adopt basic roulette strategy based on common sense and good management of money and playing style.

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