Prepaid Card Casinos

Prepaid cards casinos are springing up all over the place online; and with such a versatile and efficient way of depositing money into an online casino, it comes as no surprise that their numbers are increasing on a monthly basis. The range of prepaid cards on offer is pretty vast; and the quality of service offered by Prepaid cards casinos also varies. So it makes sense that you d some research before tying yourself to any of the prepaid cards casinos currently available in the online gaming marketplace.

What Prepaid cards are on offer?

Prepaid cards range from the Gift2Go personal gift card, to the Mastercard debit card and the Visa All Access Debit Cards. These are offered on an international basis and can provide almost instant online casino access to players from a wide variety of countries. For American players, there is the NetSpend option. To see which cards are offered by the various prepaid cards casinos, visit the casino website and look under the deposit methods section; or if you’re already a member of a casino, visit the cashier to see what options are available to you. Most casinos have country-specific searches so you can locate the information you need in moments.

How do I use a prepaid card?

Most prepaid cards can be purchased online or at a specified shop vendor; information in the online world changes dramatically day to day, second by second, so visit the website of your preferred prepaid card for up to the minute details regarding how to get your prepaid card. To make a deposit to a prepaid cards casino account, simply look for the prepaid card option in the cashier, select the amount that you wish to deposit and enter the card number. This will activate a deposit request and the result will be shown to you on screen within moments; so you’ll be free to hit the tables.

Prepaid card benefits and disadvantages

One of the major benefits of prepaid cards is that casinos appreciate the fact that there are no risks involved; the card is already loaded with cash and so there is no chance that the casino will process a deposit on good will that can come back showing insufficient funds. This means that many casinos are adopting this type of payment method and, as a result, prepaid cards casinos are in plentiful supply. Another benefit is that with a prepaid card, you are not subject to any hidden charges. You load the card with what you want to use to purchase casino chips, and then you spend that cash. Some prepaid card casinos will reward their customers who use prepaid cards on a regular basis or those who switch to prepaid cards, with special bonuses. Again, check your casino’s website for up to the minute details.

The disadvantages are minimal and vary from card to card. For instance, some cards can only be bought in specific denominations which can be limiting. Others require you to use the full amount in one go, rather than being able to use up the funds on the cards in instalments.

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