Postapay Casinos

Based in Africa, Postapay is one of the latest and slickest online payment methods to have become available over the last few years. In keeping with the needs of modern technological advances and as a response to the increasingly difficult and anti-gambling government legislative decisions being made around the globe, there is an bigger demand for new payment methods all of the time. Postapay is a direct result of these moderns needs, answering the demands of both players and online casino institutions and as a result, there have been several Postapay Casinos suddenly accepting this payment method. These casinos are choosing to give their players as many options as possible to help them maintain access to their favourite games. As this payment option is US friendly, this is good news for American players who are finding it increasingly difficult to find ways to enjoy their favourite casino games.

What is Postapay?

Postapay is a product of a co-operation between two already established companies; Posta and Afripayments. The amalgamation of these two great companies has resulted I a brand new online payment methods which focuses on ease of transaction, simple usability and tight security. The emphasis is on speed, ease of use and stability; in short, Postapay aims to provide exactly what the discerning, modern and technologically savvy consumer needs. To get started, go to the Postapay website and initiate the registration process. Follow the instructions and minimal steps to open a Postapay account. You will need to provide a social security number and some basic information about yourself. As soon as your Postapay account is set up (you will be notified on screen or via email) then you can start to add funds to your account. Postapay accepts many different payment options, including credit card and money transfer including; credit cards, debit cards and e-checks. Each different type will take a different amount of time to reach your new online payment account but most of them are super quick. Do your research before adding funds to make sure you’re not disappointed!

How do Postapay Casinos work?

Transferring funds from your Postapay account to your casino account is simple. As soon as your Postapay account is loaded with funds, go to one of the available Postapay Casinos where you hold an account, log in and go to the cashier. Select Postapay and then the amount that you want transfer. Add the required information and click submit; the funds will show in your account instantly and the whole process takes only minutes to complete.

How can Postapay and Postapay Casinos benefit me?

Firstly, Postapay is available to American based customers and - combined with Postapay casinos - allows American players to access online gaming sites without hassle. In addition, if you do not like to provide your social security number online or do not have access to one, Postapay will create a special number for you that you can use so your account registration and application won’t be delayed. And because Postapay is such a new and internet focused payment method, you can be sure that it adheres to the very best and watertight security measures, so you can have complete peace of mind.

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