Paypal Casinos

Probably one of the most easy to recognise and most frequently spotted online payment methods available, Paypal casinos have taken advantage of the quick processing, smooth running and easy usability of the world’s biggest online payment processor.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is an online payment method which opened its virtual doors in 1998; since then it has accumulated over 150 active million accounts and operates in over 190 different markets. Paypal can be used to transfer money to friends, family and businesses all over the world in at the click of a button – and over the first few years of online gaming there was an influx of Paypal casinos willing to support this method for players. Now owned by ebay, it is considered one of the biggest online payment methods in the world, offering its services to people in 23 countries, with a multilingual and localised approach to support services and user options. In short, it is one of the least complicated yet most bespoke online banking options available. However, finding PayPal casinos is now much more difficult as they have become very scarce.

How Paypal works

Paypal is an online money service which is an alternative to other forms of banking; it enables people to perform business transactions and money transfers over the internet at the click of a button. PayPal is a trusted, easy to follow and efficient payment method that has become a top choice for many people who like to play casinos online. Opening a PayPal account is quick and easy; so long as you have an active bank account or credit card available, you can register your Paypal account and use your credit or debit card to transfer funds to and fro. All depositing transactions are free of charge and your personal and financial information is kept top secret, using the industry’s top bit encryption and security software; so opting for Paypal casinos is a safe and secure choice for any casino lover. When it comes to ease of use, Paypal is the most user friendly form of online money handling there is. When you’re sending funds to another person, whether it is friends, family or a business, all the recipient needs to have is an email address or mobile number – there’s not even any need to have the recipient’s banking information as all of this information is already linked to their own Paypal account. If recipients don’t have a Paypal account, they will receive notification of the funds transfer and details on how to open a Paypal account to access their cash. Of course, this will never be the case when it comes to Paypal casinos!

Paypal casinos setbacks

Although Paypal is a well established brand, there are a few things which you should be aware of before you sign up to Paypal casinos and make use of Paypal as a depositing option. Firstly there are charges involved for certain transactions, including withdrawal of funds and switching currencies. But the main drawback is that over the years the number of Paypal casinos has dropped so they can be very difficult to find.

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