Neteller Casinos

Neteller casinos have been around for many years and they initially started offering Neteller as a payment method as a way for US and Canadian players to be able to load their casino wallets in a quick, safe and secure manner. For more than a decade, Neteller has been a trusted and well-established method for making payments online to a number of companies and entertainment industries. However, over the years there have been many changes, mainly due to government legislation and restrictions, and now Neteller has withdrawn from the US and Canadian market; this is due to legislation regarding online gaming. However, Neteller casinos still exist because Neteller reinvented their outlook and altered their provision and now serves many other countries around the world as an efficient and reliable way to deposit funds into an online casino account.

How Neteller works

Neteller is a simple payment method. It is an alternate online banking option which draws the funds that you want to use directly from your bank. Opening a Neteller account is quick and easy and there’s no cost involved; you simply go to the Neteller website and follow their instructions. You sign up, place funds into your e-wallet from your bank and then use those funds to deposit into the Neteller casinos or wherever you wish to spend your cash. To deposit funds into Neteller casinos, simply go to the casino of your choice, log into your account and go to the deposit section of the cashier. Select the Neteller option, add the amount that you wish to deposit and then submit your request; so long as you have the funds available in your Neteller account, your deposit will be processed within moments and you’ll be free to play at the tables right away. And for the security conscious, Neteller payments are 100% secure; they’re rigorously protected by both the payment company and the casino and subject to the best possible security software, so you never need to worry about any potential security flaws.

Neteller benefits

Firstly, as an alternate banking system, Neteller can be used both online and off; so it gives you real freedom over your money. Neteller casinos allow you to withdraw funds to your Neteller account, as well as deposit funds, so the two-way stream means that you have even more control. As a Neteller customer, you also get access to a prepaid Mastercard which you can use anywhere that the Mastercard credit card is accepted; so Neteller opens even more options for players.

US and Canadian Players

Since Neteller is no longer available as a payment method, players from these countries need to choose alternative payment methods to be able to add funds into their casino wallet. Every online Neteller casino has a deposit methods section on their website and within their cashier that will clearly display all available and alternative deposit methods; but if in doubt contact the casino directly and they’ll be happy to help you find the alternative deposit method that best suits your needs.

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