Ezipay Casinos

EziPay casinos are online casinos which offer the EziPay payment method as part of their list of deposit options for their casino players. EziPay casinos are much sought after on an international level because they continue to cater for the US based player; EziPay is one of the few payment services that still allow American casino lovers to deposit funds into online casinos via their alternative online banking system. There are several ways for players to fund an EziPay account and use it to transfer money to any of the available EziPay casinos. And every step of the way, the process is kept as smooth running and hassle free as possible.

How does EziPay work?

EziPay is an online payment brand which is owned by CSC24Seven.com Limited. An EziPay account can be used to pay for goods or services anywhere online that displays the easily recognizable EziPay logo. The EziPay payment option uses an Ecash (or Electronic Cash) system, which is a relatively new concept and unique amongst other payment options. Ecash is a kind of computer currency; it is a unique category of financial services designed specifically for high volume, low value transactions in today's fast moving online world. This e-money can be legally used in EziPay casinos that choose to accept it; this means that it is not in any way affected by US legislation regarding online gaming restrictions. EziPay works in a similar way to an e-wallet; customers buy Ecash credits which they store in a central online banking location. Funds can be added to the account using a variety of methods including Credit Card, Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer.

What benefits does EziPay offer casino players?

Firstly, it offers the chance to deposit into EziPay casinos legally and without the threat of withdrawal from the casino marketplace. In addition, EziPay awards interest of 2% to all their customers who keep a minimum of $500 in their account on a month to month basis. There are no charges placed on active EziPay accounts, and EziPay do their best to ensure that their EziPay casinos don’t add any unexpected charges. This means that over time, the EziPay customer benefits from receiving extra funds, rather than loosing out through extortionate or surprise charges. To support this even further, many EziPay casinos offer member bonuses which reward players not just for joining the casino but for choosing EziPay as their regular payment method.

EziPay Casinos – the advantages

The most obvious advantage offered by EziPay casinos is that they continue to offer a solid, reliable and user friendly payment option for US players, which isn’t the easiest of tasks in the current legislative climate. However, this could be improved by an increase in the number of EziPay casinos made available. The other benefit is that this payment method is an all round option; it allows for deposits and withdrawals, so players only need to open, fund and rely on a single e-money account; this provides an efficient, effective and agreeable service to a player market which is often overlooked and which is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

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