eCheck Casinos

Echecks are also known as electronic checks or instant checks; they function exactly the same as the standard paper version of a bank cheque, but the information you need to supply and all transactions are completed and stored online. Echeck Casinos are the same as other online casinos, but they offer the Echeck option to their customers as a payment option. The Echeck payment method allows customers to transfer money from their checking account into their online casino account. There is no need to fill out any complicated bank forms; everything, from the sign up process to the collection of funds, is completed online using a quick, safe and secure process which is easy to follow and quick to complete. The Echeck option is still available to US players and so many Echeck Casinos are relying on this method to support their American players and help them to continue to enjoy their favourite casino games.

How E-Check Works

To be able to use Echecks and Echeck Casinos, you need to have a standard checking account. To make a transfer using Echeck, you need to provide certain personal information to your Echeck Casino; this will include details such your full name, address, checking account number and routing number. In addition, you will need to provide some form of identification via fax or email. This is for two reasons; firstly, Echeck Casinos need to ensure protection against from non-sufficient funds (also known as NSF) charges. Secondly, this is a security measure which is put into place to protect you from possible fraudulent use of either you Echeck or Echeck Casinos account. To make an Echeck deposit into your chosen online casino, click on the e-check option in the Echeck Casinos cashier and complete the online form. The process takes only moments to complete and the casino will process your transaction as quickly as possible, so you can get to the tables.

E-Check casinos: the advantages and disadvantages

A major advantage to e gained from playing at Echeck Casinos is that they offer a payment method which is available to US players. The downside is that it can involve slow deposit and withdrawal transactions. Most casinos will know the outcome of your deposit request within moment, but different Echeck Casinos offer different processing times; so make sure you research this before deciding on which Echeck Casino you want to play at. In addition to the minimum and maximum deposit amounts, there are also limitations on how many Echeck transactions you can make within certain timeframes. This is dependent on whether your account has been verified with ID or not. For instance, if your Echeck Casinos account has not yet been validated with photo ID, only two Echecks transactions can be completed within a 48 hour period; although this is good news in terms of your security and account safety, it can be bad news for players eager to play. However, take note; these limitations are removed from your account as soon as the verification process has been completed so you won’t have long to wait until you have complete control over your funds.

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