ClickandBuy Casinos

Established in the year 2000, ClickandBuy is an online payment method which enables users to do exactly what the name suggests; set up an account to click and purchase the goods or services that they want. Serving over 23 countries all over the world, and supporting those countries with multilingual website, account and support services, ClickandBuy has proved to be an attractive option for online businesses. Initially experiencing success in Europe, ClickandBuy has now extended its services on a global scale and, as a direct result of dwindling options for international players; this company is now expanding operations worldwide. ClickandBuy offers a fast and secure online money transfer service to its customers and as a result, has been adopted by a number of online gaming companies, providing a choice of online ClickandBuy casinos waiting for your custom.

How ClickandBuy works

ClickandBuy is an online payment method, or e-wallet, which allows you to transfer funds to a central wallet which you can then use to pay for other goods and services at various online businesses around the world. There are over 400 different merchants currently accepting ClickandBuy payments, including ClickandBuy casinos, and the numbers are increasing steadily on a day by day basis. ClickandBuy is a simple and convenient service that also allows you to bill other people; reducing the need for cheques and frustrating waits caused by long processing times. ClickandBuy casinos know that this method is quick and simple for their members to use and that’s why it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice and a more readily available option on online gaming sites. Payments to a ClickandBuy account can be made via direct debit, credit card, invoices and other prepaid accounts; there are over 40 different methods available and accounts can be funded using over 23 different currencies.

ClickandBuy advantages

ClickandBuy offers all of its customers completely free registration through their website. The ClickandBuy system offers 40 different payment methods, including credit cards and other prepaid e-wallets, in a choice of 23 different currencies. The option to avail of local language support makes sure that everyone gets the correct attention and support that they need. Another major advantage for online casino players is that ClickandBuy may be used both to make deposits and to transfer withdrawals. Not all payment methods can be used to withdraw funds as well as deposit them, and so opting for ClickandBuy casinos that recognize the importance of offering a one-stop-shop is a good idea. ClickandBuy casinos are the perfect choice for players who prefer to contain all of their money transactions in a single place. ClickandBuy offers all customers account transparency, so they can easily keep track of their spending.

Disadvantages of ClickandBuy casinos

Although this is not the fault of ClickandBuy casinos, the ClickandBuy payment option is not open to players in the U.S. As with most payment limitations, this is due to US legal legislation restricting the use of online gaming. However, this is worth noting if you are based in the US.

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