Amex Casinos

The term Amex casinos refers to casinos that recognize and accept the American express or Amex brand as a payment option for their customers. American Express has spent more than a century building a strong following of customers looking for a trustworthy payment system which is safe, secure and has its customers’ needs at the core of its business values. American Express was established in 1850 and, since 1958, the company has been offering credit services to its users. Amex casinos are the discerning choice for American players due to its easy to access approach, American and casino-friendly attitude and excellent customer care.

How do Amex Casinos work?

Amex Casinos function the same as any other online casino; but they offer American express to their players as a deposit method. How they work is as follows; you sign up for an online Amex Casinos account and follow the security guidelines. Once your account is activated, you can select from a wide variety of payment methods, in this case American Express, to deposit funds into your casino account. You then go to the casino lobby and select which games you want to play. Amex is a 100% safe and secure payment option which uses the best in industry standard security measures, such as 128-bit SSL data encryption technology. For further peace of mind, every Amex card has a security code printed on it that must be used each time a transaction is made so there is no risk of online hacking or fraud. You can gain special bonuses from Amex Casinos and any winnings you get you can cash out and keep. Amex Casinos are a fun environment in which to play your favourite casino games in the comfort of your own home.

Who chooses to play at Amex Casinos?

Many different types of online gamblers from all over the world choose to play in Amex Casinos, but American players find these casinos particularly attractive. This is because few payment processing companies in the US are still allowing transactions to online gaming sites to be processed due to legislative reasons and general attitudes towards gambling. As a result, as soon as American players find an online casino that can still cater for them, they move to this site as soon as possible.

What advantages can Amex Casinos offer me?

Firstly, this is an excellent solution for people who cannot get their credit card payments to go through but do not want to use an e-wallet or online payment provider or go through the long and complicated process of sending money via Webmoney. In addition, Amex offers players the chance of higher deposit limits than most other credit cards that are available. In particular, players using a Black or Platinum Amex card are guaranteed higher limits and can access more funds more quickly. Although Amex casinos will have their own minimum and maximum deposit limits in place, Amex will remain generous. The downside of this, of course, is that you need to keep a good eye on your finances and make sure you don’t spend too much.

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